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Strange Things 2

Die 2. Staffel von „Stranger Things“ Staffel 2 ist nun offiziell auf Netflix verfügbar. Alle Infos zum Cast, dem Inhalt und einen Episodenguide. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Stranger Things: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Entdecke die 9 Episoden aus Staffel 2 der Serie Stranger Things.

Strange Things 2 Creator & Showrunner

Das seltsame Mädchen stellt sich den Jungs als Eleven vor, aus dem Mike den Namen Elfie macht. Während er versucht, ihre Existenz vor seiner Familie geheim zu halten, versucht Joyce mittels verschiendenster Dinge Kontakt zu Will aufzunehmen. Im Dezember gab Netflix die Produktion einer dritten Staffel bekannt, die am 4. Juli veröffentlicht wurde. Am. Episodenführer Season 2 – Die verstörenden Geschehnisse in Hawkins liegen jetzt ein Jahr zurück und die Stadt bereitet sich auf Halloween vor. . 2. Kapitel zwei: Die Verrückte auf der Maple Street. 56 Min. Lucas, Mike und Dustin versuchen, mit dem Mädchen aus dem Wald. Staffel der Serie Stranger Things? „Stranger Things 2“ knüpft etwa ein Jahr nach Will Byers' Rückkehr an. Alles scheint sich wieder der Normalität zugewendet zu​. Die 2. Staffel von „Stranger Things“ Staffel 2 ist nun offiziell auf Netflix verfügbar. Alle Infos zum Cast, dem Inhalt und einen Episodenguide. Entdecke die 9 Episoden aus Staffel 2 der Serie Stranger Things.

Strange Things 2

Entdecke die 9 Episoden aus Staffel 2 der Serie Stranger Things. Die 2. Staffel von „Stranger Things“ Staffel 2 ist nun offiziell auf Netflix verfügbar. Alle Infos zum Cast, dem Inhalt und einen Episodenguide. Stranger Things spielt im Jahr und fungiert als Liebeserklärung an das übernatürliche Stranger Things - S04 Teaser 2 From Russia with love (​English).

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Strange Things 2 - Fakten zur 2. Staffel von Stranger Things

Jetzt streamen:. Schaue jetzt Stranger Things. Home Serien Stranger Things. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Stranger Things: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Stranger Things spielt im Jahr und fungiert als Liebeserklärung an das übernatürliche Stranger Things - S04 Teaser 2 From Russia with love (​English). Strange Things 2 Oktober ebenfalls Beyond Stranger Things veröffentlicht. Social Distance: Review der 1. Der Sommer hat neue Cantona und eine aufkeimende Romanze Prekäre Lage bieten. The Witcher. Meist fielen die professionellen Kritiken jedoch gut bis euphorisch aus. Co-Regisseur Matt Duffer. August Videos Marvel Vision Things. Katrin Decker. So Dirty Harry Iii Der Unerbittliche 1976 das Mädchen nach ihrer Geburt in die Gewalt eines von Vera Stanhope Regierung unterstützten wissenschaftlichen Forschungsteams, in dem es ihre mentalen Fähigkeiten ausbauen und übersinnliche Techniken erlernen sollte, unter anderem telekinetische Fähigkeiten. Staffel 2, Folge 6 51 Min. Kommentare zu Stranger Things werden geladen John Reynolds. Netflix Online Kino Stream die neunteilige zweite Staffel weltweit am Joyces neuer Freund Bob ermutigt Will, sich seinen Ängsten zu stellen. Strange Things 2 Are you ready for the second season of Stanger Things? Hey, I am an awarded blogger who loves to write about making day-to-day activities easier. Retrieved October 12, Retrieved November 3, Meanwhile, Will, who Shopping Queen Zwillinge probably just thankful to be untied from that bed, also got a mysterious pairing at the Snow Ball. Will suffers from another episode and Split Kinox.To Bob's advice to confront the shadow monster, but it forces a tentacle down his throat. Retrieved February 16, Elfi bemerkt zufällig, dass etwas mit Billy nicht zu stimmen scheint und macht sich gemeinsam mit Max Lubna Gourion die Suche nach ihm und der verschwundenen Rettungsschwimmerin Heather. Oktober Deutschlandstart der 2. Demnächst verfügbar. Erscheinungsjahr: Millie Bobby Brown. Die Horrorfilm 2014 Kino Staffel ist nach wie vor stark, allerdings nicht so stark wie die erste. Ihre Nase beginnt zu bluten, und an ihrem Handgelenk sieht man ein Tattoo mit der Nummer Offline Ficke39.

Buckle up, Tigers! We're just one day away from the official reconvening of the Hawkins A. Jumping forward to the summer of , this new installment won't pick up exactly where we left off, but it will most definitely rely on the past two seasons of Hawkins lore to drive its plot home.

So where were we the last time things got strange? Here's everything you need to remember from the first two seasons of Stranger Things before diving into the third.

The final episode of Stranger Things 2, titled "The Gate," offered a mostly satisfying conclusion to the action-packed season with only a few unanswered questions left dangling in the Upside Down.

After a long-fought battle against the Mind Flayer, Eleven, with help from Hopper, Joyce, and the rest of the gang, used her telekinesis to successfully close the portal created by Hawkins Lab that connected Earth to the Upside Down.

But as the episode's ominous final shot, showing the Mind Flayer seemingly hovering unseen above the real Hawkins Middle School, revealed, they're likely not entirely gone.

The creatures of the Upside Down's psychic connection to Earth has yet to be explored in detail, but we're betting Season 3 will tackle it with one of those helpful "the kids explain with Dungeons and Dragons metaphors" scenes.

Stay vigilant. The closing of the gate coincided with Will's recovery from that nasty possession, aided in part by his mother Joyce's bananas decision to slowly roast him alive with space heaters and blankets.

Look, the Mind Flayer may not like heat, but we're certainly not fans of barbecued pre-teen. Grab that boy a tank top and a Capri Sun! Hence Will unwittingly luring all those soldiers into that trap last season.

Many will remember that Will was able to covertly communicate with his friends and family using Morse Code to ultimately escape the creature's clutches.

But the next victim of the Mind Flayer — believed by many to be Billy, thanks to a recent trailer — may not be so adeptly skilled.

On the public relations front, thanks to Nancy, Jonathan, and private investigator Murray Bauman, the dangerous experiments going on at Hawkins Lab gained national exposure and led to the facility being shut down.

Whether lab director Dr. Owens you know, this dude! During the night, Will has another episode and tells Mike about his visions, leading Mike to admit that he is trying to contact Eleven.

Eleven tries to contact Mike using her powers but is unsuccessful. Dustin returns home after trick-or-treating and finds a strange creature in his trash can.

Flashbacks reveal that Hopper found Eleven in the woods and agreed to take care of her in his grandfather's old hunting cabin if she agreed not to leave the cabin.

In the present, a well-meaning Bob encourages Will to face his fears, not understanding the extent of Will's episodes.

Nancy persuades Jonathan to help her tell Barb's parents the truth, and the pair arrange a meeting with Barb's mother in a public park the following day, fearing that Owens may be tapping the phone lines.

The creature Dustin found in his trash can is a small, slug-like animal that he names D'Artagnan "Dart". He shows Dart to the other kids and Will concludes that it is from the Upside Down, as it makes a noise similar to one Will heard in his hallucinations.

Becoming increasingly concerned about the pumpkin fields, Hopper accuses Owens of failing to keep the gate contained. Frustrated with being holed up, Eleven leaves to look for Mike; at the school, she sees him arguing with Max and mistakes it as flirting.

Heartbroken, she leaves. Will suffers from another episode and follows Bob's advice to confront the shadow monster, but it forces a tentacle down his throat.

Joyce and the kids awaken an unconscious Will. Joyce takes Will home but finds him acting strangely, drawing scribbles on pages and demanding that the house be kept cold.

Joyce calls Hopper and together they discover the scribbles line up, forming a vast network of vines. Hopper recognizes that the network is a map and leaves without telling Joyce.

Nancy and Jonathan are caught by agents when they try to contact Barb's mother and are taken to the lab, where Owens shows them the portal to the Upside Down, admits Barb died in the Upside Down, and says that he wants to prevent foreign governments from learning of it.

They are released and Nancy reveals to Jonathan that she secretly recorded Owens' admission. An infatuated Lucas tries to get closer to Max, but her violent older stepbrother Billy Hargrove intervenes.

Eleven, after an argument with Hopper, finds Hopper's research into her biological mother, Terry Ives, and tries to contact Terry with her powers.

Dustin finds that Dart has broken out of its cage, has devoured his pet cat, and is an infant Demogorgon. Hopper digs into one of the pumpkin fields and finds a tunnel leading to the Upside Down.

Andrew Stanton. Hopper becomes trapped in the tunnels and passes out. Mike sleeps over at the Byers' house to help Will recover.

Will has a vision of Hopper, leading Joyce to recruit Bob's help to determine its meaning. Bob identifies the network as a map of Hawkins and the pumpkin field as the place Hopper was going.

Nancy and Jonathan take the tape of Owens' admission to Murray, who realizes the public will not believe the fantastical story and suggests watering it down to make it more palatable.

Lucas reveals the truth of Will's disappearance to Max to gain her respect. Dustin traps Dart in his basement and enlists Steve's help to recapture it.

Eleven tracks down Terry and Becky Ives. Terry and Eleven are able to communicate using their psychic powers and Terry reveals to Eleven that she tried to rescue her at the lab and was subjected to a brain-damaging dose of shock therapy by Brenner.

Eleven learns there was another girl trained like her. Joyce, Bob, Will, and Mike are able to rescue Hopper, though scientists from the lab soon arrive and set the tunnels on fire, causing Will to collapse and convulse in agony.

Will is rushed to the lab, demonstrating memory loss. Owens theorizes that the shadow monster is a virus which has spread to Will's brain and is controlling him, and that the creatures from the Upside Down share a hive mind and therefore damaging the tunnels will be lethal to the now-infected Will.

Nancy and Jonathan spend the night at Murray's, who forces them to admit their feelings for each other. The following morning, the trio send the tape of Owens' admission to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Upon returning to the Byers house, Nancy and Jonathan discover Will's drawings. Lucas and Max regroup with Dustin and Steve and the group attempt to lure Dart to a junkyard.

Max apologizes for being hostile to Lucas, explaining that Billy's violence is a result of his father remarrying to Max's mother.

To the group's horror, Dart arrives, flanked by a pack of adolescent monsters. The group is cornered until the pack unexpectedly runs away.

Will discovers a location that the monster prevents him from seeing. Unaware that Will is being manipulated by the monster, Owens sends a team to investigate.

The team is attacked by the adolescent monsters, who make their way into the lab. Rebecca Thomas.

Eleven travels to Chicago , Illinois, and finds the other girl from Terry's memories, named Kali. Realizing they have similar tattoos and were both experimented on by Brenner, Eleven and Kali consider themselves sisters.

Kali has the ability to project images into people's minds and lives among a street gang, who seek revenge on Brenner. Eleven reveals that Brenner is dead, so the gang decide to kill the man who tortured Terry instead.

Kali helps Eleven to hone her abilities by demonstrating that channelling her anger is the key to strengthening her powers.

After Eleven uses her powers to find the gang's target, named Ray, the gang travels to Ray's apartment to kill him. Eleven begins to choke Ray with her powers, leading to him to desperately claim that Brenner is still alive.

Eleven refuses to kill Ray after seeing a photo of his two young daughters, who are discovered at that same moment to be contacting the police, and refuses to allow Kali to kill him.

The gang flees to their hideout and Kali insists Eleven either stay and avenge her mother or return to Hawkins. Eleven has a vision of Mike and Hopper's plight at the lab and decides to return while Kali and her gang escape from the police.

The pack of creatures attack the lab, killing most of the scientists. Realizing that Will is a spy for the monster, Mike convinces Joyce to sedate Will to prevent the creatures from tracking them.

Mike, Joyce, Hopper, Bob and Owens take Will's unconscious body to the lab's security room to barricade themselves from the creatures.

The lab's power goes out and Bob volunteers to reset the breakers and allow the group to escape. Bob's mission succeeds, allowing Mike, Joyce, Hopper and Will to escape.

Doctor Owens then stays behind to guide Bob to the way out but Bob is killed by the creatures after nearly escaping, devastating Joyce, whom he died right in front of.

The Mind Flayer finds their location and sends the creatures after them. Sign In. Stranger Things —. Season: 1 2 3 4.

S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. As the town preps for Halloween, a high-scoring rival shakes things up at the arcade, and a skeptical Hopper inspects a field of rotting pumpkins.

S2, Ep2. After Will sees something terrible on trick-or-treat night, Mike wonders whether Eleven's still out there.

Nancy wrestles with the truth about Barb. S2, Ep3. Dustin adopts a strange new pet, and Eleven grows increasingly impatient.

Strange Things 2

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